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YEA! Informational Night

Posted by on Aug 22, 2017 in Events, YEA! | Comments Off on YEA! Informational Night

Has Your Middle or High School Student Always Wanted to Start Their Own Business?

Join us during our YEA! Informational Night:

Monday, September 18th

7:00 p.m. — 8:00 p.m.

Ludington Library, 5 S. Bryn Mawr Ave., Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

When young people bring their ideas to us, they really mean business.

Register at:

YEA! helps middle and high school students take their entrepreneurial skills to a new level in a yearlong academic program that gives students a project-based, hands-on, experiential education. YEA! meets Wednesday each week from 5:00-8:00pm at Cabrini University, November thru  May. Enrollment is limited.

For more information on YEA! and to apply online click here.

If you have questions, contact Ellen Fisher, Executive Director at or 215-628-3875

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At YEA! Philadelphia, kids are on a mission to be entrepreneurs (from

Posted by on Aug 24, 2016 in Events, YEA! | Comments Off on At YEA! Philadelphia, kids are on a mission to be entrepreneurs (from


Alice Bu, CEO of Cross Pacific Buddies, shares her entrepreneurial knowledge at the YEA! trade show. (YEA! Philadelphia)

By Diane Mastrull, Staff Writer
Posted: August 15, 2016

Just two years ago, Shreyas Parab was such a shy, unassuming teenager that it pained him to make eye contact. Now the 15-year-old from Aston, Delaware County, wears ties declaring himself a chick magnet and a stud muffin.

And he’s running a company that has sold nearly 600 of those novelty ties for close to $17,000 in its first 14 months of business, tapping into a market where whimsy is popular.

Parab also makes pitches to investor panels, and has met with Sam’s Club executives in Bentonville, Ark., hoping to get his Novel Tie line in their stores. A decision is pending.

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CEO of Walmart wearing a Shreyas Chick Magnet Tie

Posted by on Oct 8, 2015 in YEA! | Comments Off on CEO of Walmart wearing a Shreyas Chick Magnet Tie

CEO of Walmart wearing Chick Magnet TieAs you know, back in May, local young entrepreneur, Shreyas Parab, CEO of NovelTies was selected as a national finalist by the Young Entrepreneurs Academy. All of the finalists were invited to our national sponsor’s Sam’s Club/Walmart corporate headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas. Shreyas being Shreyas, enthralled the executives there and they wrote a blog post on him and his business that was posted yesterday. They announced in their post, that Shreyas and NovelTies will be featured in the Sam’s Club Showcase store soon.

We are so grateful for all of your help and financial support for the Greater Philadelphia Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs’ Young Entrepreneurs Academy. You are the reason we are having an influence the future.

If you could follow us on Twitter @YEAphiladelphia and re-tweet this local success story you helped nurture that would be terrific.

—Ellen Fisher, Executive Director, YEA! Philadelphia

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Shreyas featured on the Walmart Blog

Posted by on Oct 7, 2015 in YEA! | Comments Off on Shreyas featured on the Walmart Blog

Shreyas featured by WalmartGood afternoon, small business advocates,

We want to share the story of an amazing young entrepreneur, Shreyas Parab, the 14-year old CEO of NovelTie, as featured on Walmart Today – Click here for the story. Sam’s Club is so proud to support business owners and entrepreneurs of every age, including the 4,000+ students ages 11 to 18 year old students that participate in the Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) program.

Please read to be inspired and share with friends and colleagues. (@yeausa)

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Sam’s Club taking 6 YEA! Finalists to meet Chelsea Clinton

Posted by on Sep 19, 2015 in YEA! | Comments Off on Sam’s Club taking 6 YEA! Finalists to meet Chelsea Clinton

YEA! Program with Chelsea Clinton

Shreyas Parab, our Philadelphia Saunders Semi-Finalist and CEO of NovelTie writes:

I would like to thank all of you for your congratulations and well wishes.

I don’t think Mrs. Fisher did enough justice [at the YEA! 2015 Investor Panel Competition]  by saying that I “attribute my success to my participation in YEA.”

Today, I was able to give an elevator pitch, answer questions from judges about business plans, communicate effectively, and network beyond belief. These are all things I learned solely from YEA. I can confidently say that before YEA, I would not be able to do such things. My partner and I were able to win a hefty amount, but more importantly, we got to meet teen entrepreneurs from around the world and interact with professionals in various fields. They repeatedly told me that for being such a young kid (most of them were 17 and older), I had skills and traits that they found admirable. They asked me where I got it from and consistently the answer was YEA.

I cannot thank you enough for your continued support and guidance.  “You make a difference” is the only sentence that can most effectively convey my sentiments. Whether you know it or not, today, you helped me do something I thought impossible.

Sincerely, Shreyas

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